Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 2
**Megan wanted me to tell everyone that you can use to send letters to her. It is a free service that will deliver letters right to the missionary. Her mission is the Peru Lima West Mission**

¿Como estan ustedes? How are you all?! Well, things over here in Peru are AMAZING! It actually rained yesterday, like the ground was totally wet and there were puddles! Pretty big deal 'round these parts because Lima is a hardcore desert. And when I say desert, I mean the mountains look like you're an mars because there is NOTHING growing on any of them. They look like giant mounds of rock and dust NO joke. They say Idaho is a mountain desert but they LIE. I miss green mountains!
Anyway, life here in the CCM is movin' along. Lots of Espanol and rice. Nothing too exciting!

We are teaching"investigators" (aka our teachers) and that's fun. They're really good and have some hard questions! So a lot of our time we're studying for our lessons. Its nice because it also directs our Spanish study too. I mean, you gotta know how to say your lesson in Spanish! And I'm starting to feel like I can understand a lot of what the investigator asks and I can express myself more during our lessons. Lots of good work!

So, one of the best things about learning here, is that our teachers don't know English all too well and we're all still learning Spanish. So there are bound to be some interesting conversations! This week, one of the Elders in our district asked our evening teacher if he liked the night shift. But in the end, he got 'we dont like your class' instead! And he dropped his stuff and walked out of the room all dramatically! He's so funny. The elder was like 'nononoononnoo!!! Also, another funny story. Our morning teacher the other day (he actually speaks really good English) was trying to talk in a British accent and combined with the heavy Spanish accent, it was the funniest thing ever! We also taught him what swag was, sorta. And now he says it all the time. Best ever.
Also this week, we went to Migrations and Interpol to get our stuff for our Peruvian ID's! We went Monday and Tuesday morning and we didn't get back either day until like 1 PM.  We would leave at 7AM! Soooooooo much waiting. We sat for so long. Oh! And at Interpol, they had to check our teeth out. I went into a little room with a rickety dental chair where this lady was. But she just looked at my teeth so don't worry dad! She did say I had pretty teeth though :)

Also this week, we got a big presentation from the area doctor. He's a senior missionary from the states and him and his wife are so funny! Anyway, we had this big long thing about what to do and what not to do. And the biggest thing he said was to not eat food that you don't
know how was prepared. And we were all like 'alright, easy enough'. But THEN, during class right after our teacher said that the most offensive thing you can do in Peru is to not eat the food they give you!!! ¿Que en el mundo? That means, 'what in the world?!'  I'm pretty sure that's everyone's favorite saying around here.

Next, I gotta tell you about our day today! P day is the BEST here because we get to get out of the CCM and go int the city! First, when we got out of the temple, there were a huge group of kids! They were so cute! They kind of just stared at us, but when we went up and talked to them they were all giving us hugs and besos. We couldn't really understand them and them us, but it was
okay. I was in heaven! After the temple we walked down the street for like 15 minutes to get to a few stores. I got a Peruvian soccer jersey and pants and I got a mango that's as big as my face. It was awesome. They also have a drink here called Inca Cola that everybody loves. It kind of tastes like bubblegum and cream soda. But it really is good!

One last thing, songs here get stuck in my head SO BAD!! We can't listen to music here so the minute anyone starts singing something, its stuck in my head for hours! The Elders taught the Latino's the Star Spangled Banner and they were singing it in the hall all the time so it was stuck in my head all week. Also Called to Serve is the death of me! I don't know why, but the Spanish version is permanently ingrained in my brain. LISTOS SIEMPRE LISTOS!!!!!!!!!! And there's this song called Mayonesa and yes, it is about mayonaise and our Elders won't stop singing it!
Well, that's about it for me this week! Love you all!

He was older. He and his parents got off the bus right be fore us! I waved to him and he waved back!!!!

Pictures for the week: 1. my district at the temple. 2. the little kids we met outside the temple. 3. me at the market!

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