Monday, August 24, 2015


 Freddie y David!

Hoooooooola a todos!!! Como estan hoy? :)

I hope everything is going well for everyone and that you are so excited for school to start! (hee hee!) Things are just cookin along over here! Little by little we really are seeing many miracles in our area!
First is that FREDDIE AND DAVID GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! Woooooot! It was so aaaaamazing! The spirit was so strong, especially when they bore their testimonies after.
Freddie has gone through some rough things these last few weeks, but through everything, he's REALLY gained a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. It really helped strengthen my testimony too about how the Lord will put trials in our lives so that we can come closer to him and rely on his power.  David was just one of those who were so prepared to receive the gospel. His whole family is either Jehovas Witnesses or Evangelicos and he was just searching for the truth and was so happy to have found it!

Another miricle was Alondra! We were out looking for a reference this week and knocking on their door, but no one was home. BUT there was a girl next door washing her dog so we stopped to talk to her. Turns out that she had gone to church a few times with a friend about a year ago and really liked it, but because of her studies she couldn't keep coming. But now her studies are finished and she wants to come!! We taught her the restoration and she accepted to be baptized on 19 de september! She's reading and praying and really is so prepared. Her family is passing through some rough times and she just needs the peace the gospel will bring!

I love this gospel! I love helping people to find the truth and have the hapiness that comes through making and keeping convenants with the Lord. I know that even though we have trials and weaknesses, He will help them become strengths that will bless the lives of so many!

Love you all!
Hermana Stephenson

 Our lunch last p-day. A member, who is a professional cook, invited us over. It was preeety much the greatest EVER

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