Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Conferencia de Estaca!

Hola todoooooooooos!!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week this week! Things over here are pretty sweet. :) Still looking for people to teach, but I've come to recognize the wisdom in Dori's theme: 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming!'

Our investigator, Alondra, is really progressing! She's reading and finding her answers and wanting to learn more. Things in her family are getting so much better and she even got to share the little pamphlets that we gave her to her CRAZY catholic grandpa! She told us she was kind of scared of what he would say, but he listened and was super impressed with how she was changing her life for the better. She was so happy to share a bit of this gospel with her family and it made me realize that ANYONE, no matter how much they know, can share this gospel and receive the blessings of joy and peace that come! So get out there and share! :)

Funny story time: so there is this old couple in our ward who have a big flock (herd, pose, I don't know what its called!) of cuy! (its pronounced 'coo-i') They're the big fat guinea pigs that they EAT here. Anyway, so we were out back helping them clean out the little pen that they keep 'em in and I was like 'awww they're so cute!!' and my companion (who is Peruvian) was like 'yuuummm. I want one on my plate!' Quite the culture difference there!! We had a good laugh :)

Also, another theme from this week was our stake conference! It was AMAZING. One of the Area 70 came and it was fantastic. He spoke about families and how we should build the lives of our families and our homes around the Savior. How EVERY aspect of our family life WILL improve if we look to HIS example. I loved thinking about how in my life right now I can build more strongly on the rock of the Savior and it made me think about Nephi when he was building the ship. That the Lord knew how the ship would work, but the Lord didn't show him all at once how to build it. It was bit by bit that the Lord showed him how to work the timbers of the ship (1 Nephi 18:1). And its so true in our lives! That the Lord won't tell us what is going to happen or why certain things are happening in our lives, but he will show us and guide us bit by bit as we trust in him, study the scriptures and the words of the living prophet and apostles, and pray.

Love you all so much and I love being a missionary! Peru is the greatest place on earth!
Hermana Stephenson

And here are some pictures of the CUY!!!

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