Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunshine Days!


Well, it was quite the week here. LOTS OF SUN!!! Its kinda crazy actually. Right now its winter and because we're on the coast, its ALWAYS cloudy and usually a bit windy. Its probably like early fall weather back at home, but here everyone is freezing! They think I'm some sort of yetti from the north that's immune to the cold. Its pretty great :) But I DID end up getting sun burned this week and my companion said I look like a tomato!! Aaand its kinda true. The curse of being white..... THE SUN.

ANYWAY, this week was pretty crazy! We FINALY were able to have our big ward activity!! A night of family games and there actually was a good turn out of members!! We decorated the gym and had music and everyone had a great time! There were some non-members, less-actives that came too! So that was super great. We were having so much fun that we barely made it home it time! Love it.

As for a bit of an update, Alondra came to church yesterday!!! WOT! Miracles really do happen. She even brought her two younger siblings! She said that she really loved it and is excited for us to come back! We so very excited for her and her progress.

Other than that, lots of searching and perserverance! I ALWAYS learn a specific lesson in each area that I've been in, and here I've definitely learned about the importance of perservering with FAITH always! I love in James 1:1-6 it really teaches us about patience and praying with FAITH. I've always known about James1:5 that Joseph Smith read, but the other verses really touched my heart this week while I was studying the other day. Because Joseph Smith didn't just come up with his question of which church to join in a day. It was a long process of searching dilligently and with patience, looking for his answer. And I know that's how the Lord works in our lives. Its a journey really. And when we finally receive an answer, we'll look back and realize that we actually learned lot more than we ever thought possible!

Love you all and have a great week!!
Hermana STephenson

Our decorations for the activity! Sorry I don't have any more! We were sooooo busy running around all night. I took a bunch of videos, but I cant send them!!!

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