Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello everyone! It's official! I've survived my first week in the mission field! WOT!
Okay, so the city I'm in is called Ventanilla and our area is Pedro Beltran! It's pretty much the coolest place in the whole mundo (world)! We´re right up against the mountains and it kind of reminds me of Heber Utah but smaller and NOTHING GREEN. Seriously, It's like I live on the moon. It's so dry and hot here too! But there is always a nice cool wind that blows up through the mountains, so that's WAY nice. There are about 1.3 million people in our zone of Ventanilla and I believe it! There are so many buildings, but they are all like 1 or two stories, so they just spread out ALL OVER the place. All up the mountain side and everything! Also, fun fact about Peru: its the poorer class that lives up on the mountains, in these little homemade shacks of whatever they can find really. We taught a lesson in one this week and it was quite humbling. And we literaly climbed a mountain to get there.
It was a bit intimidating at first getting here. My Spanish is definately a work in progress! But once I started to get to know the people and our investigators, it started feeling a lot more homey.

So now, a bit about how my day goes! First we wake up and exercise! I about killed my companion with our little WOD. It was so funny :) Then we jog down and buy our bread for the day at this little bakery! Its SOOOOOOO GOOD. I can't even say. Then we study till about 12, eat lunch, then are off to work for the day! And something I learned real fast on my first day is that we don't stop for dinner! So I about starved my first day!! We eat dinner when we get back to our apartment at about 9. So now, I just pack a little snack.)

Now for investigators!!!!! Our mission focuses on families. When we see a family (mom, dad, kids) walking down the street, we ALWAYS stop them. No matter WHAT! So we always have families to teach and it is so much fun! I LOVE teaching them and their kids! So first up is Familia M! They are pretty much the best. They have a little 3 year old daughter who is just a little spitfire! They are so accepting to the gospel and always have great questions. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! And they always come to church= GOLDEN. Familia P. also has a 3 year old daughter and they are so fun. We taught them about temples this week and they want to get sealed so bad! And also we have this little family that I just love. Familia G. People always say that there are people prepared for us and ready to hear the gospel. But and I've never really seen that until now. They are so wonderful. Andrea is the mother and Miriam and Xiema are her two daughters. And I got to invite them to be baptized!! and they said yes!!! They all came to church yesterday and everything! So awesome. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

So yep, that's about it! Funny little fact, there are these fat little birds here that sound like farting bullfrogs. Not even JOKING! It's so funny! And on Sunday the members kept asking me if I was from the FACTORY, or Utah. It made me laugh so much!
Anyways, Love you all! Qidense!
Hermana Stephesnson
PS: I don't have a cord for my camera, but I'll send some pictures my companion took!

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