Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hola Everyone! ¿Como fue su semana?
Well my week was pretty great!! Sad note, a lot of the people we had been teaching just weren´t progressing and so we had to stop teaching them, BUT we found a lot of new families to teach instead!
We taught Rai and Milusca the first lesson and they accepted a baptismal fecha for the 11 de Julio (July)! Milusca is really interested and loves when we come, and Rai too, but he REFUSED to get up for church yesterday! AGH! I just wanted to chuck a water balloon at his face. But don´t worry, I resisted. Barely :) Mom, I understand your pain of having to wake me up for all those years..........
I also learned this week that working with members to find new investigators is GOLDEN. Enserio. We were just walking down the street with a member from a lesson and she stopped at this house and told us that an active Sister lived there, but she has a less active daughter. So we knocked on the door and turns out that there are also 2 others who aren´t members in their family!! Mayra and Emilio are 22 and 24 AND Mayra has a baby who´s 8 DAYS OLD!!! HE´S SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! And so tiny! We taught them this week and they accepted a baptismal date of 11 de Julio too! They are such a fun family. And the mom, Hermana Rosa is so excited that we are teaching her family. She told us that she´d been trying for years to get her kids to come to church but they weren´t too interested. Miracles! 
Also, my companion is dying!!! Hahaha, not really but in the mission, when it is your last transfer, you DIE. So yeah, Hermana Flores has finished her mission and she keeps telling me that I´ll gonna have to drag her out the door!! She´s taught me so much these last few weeks and I'm a COMPLETELY different missionary because of it! That's about it for this week! Love you all and I love my mission! I´ve really learned about just loving the people and thinking of my investigators instead of myself! Christ has ENDLESS love that He´s so willing to share when we need it. I Love my savior and know that it´s through Him that we can live with our families FOR ETERNITY!
Well, that'
Hermana Stephenson

my pollo dinner!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
THE CERRO....... looks like the MOON. and the ghosty looking fence things :)

Me in all my sweaty nasty glory

This is the view from my chair right now :) there is a child sleeping underneath the fruit stand!

The CERRO...looks like the MOON (with ghostly looking fence things!)

My pollo dinner---YUMMMMMM!

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