Saturday, June 20, 2015


Well everyone, its official. I'm leaving Ventanilla!!!!! I´m getting transferred!!
Its kind of crazy, actually! My companion left today for home, she´s finished her mission, and so we left early for the mission offices. Then I brought two sisters back with me! Hermana Gonzalen from Chile and Hermana Cruz from Paragya. They both only have 2 months here (cute little baby missionaries!) and their companions also finished their missions and so we´re together for today and will head to transfers early tomorrow morning! Its quite fun.
My district here in Ventanilla

It was kinda funny though, it was when we were on the bus heading back to my area that my district leader called and told me that I have Cambios (will be transferred). I never thought that I would be leaving my area because my companion has already left and I didn´t think they´d put two new missionaries in my area. BUT the Lord calls us and sends us where HE needs us. It was amazing the peace and comfort that filled my heart and I know that my time here in Ventanilla has come to a close, my FIRST AREA!! But Im SOOOOOO excited to start this new part of my mission in another area!
Something cool this week was our NOCHE IN BLANCO!!! We had 17 baptisms in our zone this week, so we had a big stake baptism and it was AMAZING! To see everyone all lined up in white. Wow!

Noche En Blanco
Well other than that, JUAN SAMANIEGO WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!! WOOOOT!!! Its been a LONG time coming for this kid. My first night here in Ventanilla (and in the mission field) we had a Family Home Evening and he was invited by a friend to come. And so, after 3 months, he decided to be baptized! It's only fitting that my first investigator here would be my last baptism! Kinda crazy!
Juan's baptism day!
And so, my bags are (mostly) packed and headed off tomorrow! I kinda feel like Bibo Baggins, I´M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!!!!!I know that this church IS TRUE!! It´ve felt the enabling power of the atonement so powerfully in my life and it's SO REAL. Christ is there waiting to help us, we just need to ASK for it. I love the Savior and know that he walking beside me everyday!

Love Hermana Stephenson
Ventanilla--My first home in Peru

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