Monday, July 20, 2015

Hola Nuevo Chimbote!!

I hope that everything is goin great for you all! I'm still alive, so that's great news :)
So yeah! I got transferred out of the mountains of Huaraz and am now in the port city of Chimbote!! Bit of a change there, but I'm really loving it! Missing the mountains and green things.... I'm back in the land of SAND, but with the ocean so close, it makes up for it! Aaaaaaand we eat a whole lot of FISH! WOT! I loooooove fish....
The bus ride down was quite the adventure! Probably the steepest, windyest, craziest road I've ever been on. AND it was in a HUGE double decker tour bus that was just crusin down the mountain! It was like a roller coaster ride the whole way down, all 8 hours of it!
As for my area, we're working hard everyday to find investigators!! This area hasn't had hardly any success as of late, but my companion and I are DETERMINED to succeed here! And after hours and hours and hours of knocking on door after door and begging for references from members, we ended up having 5 investigators who came to church yesterday!! Bridgett, who is a single mom we found, Freddie, who is a cousin of a member, and a few others who had listened to the missionaries before that we tracked down :) So the work here is progressing! Slowly but surely!
My companion is Hermana Carbajar and shes Peruvian!! She's from Huancayo and is the greatest ever. She's from the Trujillo mission and I'm from Lima Oest, but we're working on uniting our teaching and work styles! It's amazing how the Lord can work within a companionship if we just let him!
My spiritual experience for this week comes from the talk 'the Fourth Missionary'. And if you haven't read it LOOK IT UP AND READ IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! It doesn't matter if you're not a missionary. It changed how I look at EVERYTHING in this work and in life really. It speaks about giving EVERYTHING to the Lord, not just your time and energy, but your heart and mind too. How sometimes we can be doing what the Lord would have us do, but deep down inside we're fighting it, really just wanting to do what WE want to do. BUT if we can give our all, the Lord will change us to become like HIM.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary! Yo se que este inglesa es verdad y que nosotros PODEMOS cambiar, solo si nosotros pone el Senor en nuestros corazones!
Love you all soooooo much!!!!
Hermana Stephenson

Here are some pictures of my last zone and of my last area up in the mountains!

The gringo companionship in Caraz with us!

The lake we went to a few weeks ago! SOOO PRETTY.

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