Monday, November 2, 2015

The Miracle of Fasting!

Hoooooola TODOS!
Me making pancakes. Thanks for the pancake mix Mom!

WOW! What a week. I'm pretty sure this was the greatest week EVER! Sad news is that Jheremy or Alondra haven't gotten baptized yet, but we have so much faith in them that they WILL here super soon. Just got to put them in the Lord's hands and do our best to love them and help them make their decision!

But a few SUPER SUPER funny things happened this week that had me and my companion in stitches.  Having a newbie missionary as a companion is the BEST! But anyway so we were teaching this lady one day about the Restoration. It was a pretty interesting lesson because her little 1 year old boy was in his little chair-rolly thing and was LITERALY bouncing off the walls, crashing into things and ALMOST squished their cat too. BUT at one point he rolled up to my companion who was talking and totally bit her knee! Like full on bit her with his four little teeth! She squealed and I pushed his chair away with my foot and kept it there for the rest of the lesson as the kid tried to get at her! When we left we couldn't stop laughing. Oh the strange things that happen as a missionary!

On another note we had a wonderful miracle here in our area! I seriously testify of the power of fasting. We've been working so hard ALL WEEK to find some good solid people to teach, but we really just weren't finding anyone who would progress. But we just kept working hard all week with faith that the Lord IS preparing someone to listen to our message. So for part of our fast, we fasted to be able to find someone who really has been prepared and ready to make the covenant of baptism. We went to church, empty handed because none of the investigators we'd been teaching all week came.  We sat through testimony meeting with Jomeri up front. But when the meeting ended, we looked back and Alondra, Jheremy, and our other less-actives were there in the back waving at us! ALSO there was this teenage girl with her little sister there. Her name is Selia.  Her family are less actives and she had listened to the lessons, but didn't want to get baptized because of the example of her family. But we talked to her and she had a very special spirit about her and she accepted an appointment for this week. THEN in ward council, the leaders in the ward had a few names of people to visit and references to teach. It seriously was the most amazing thing EVER! I know that even as hard as it can be sometimes, when we endure with patience the trials we have been given, there is a reward so much grander that what we can think.

Love you all and have a FANTASTIC week!
Hermana Stephenson
Hooray for yummy American pancakes :)

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