Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another week has gone BYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

HOLA Buenas Dias a todos!!!
Me and my "love" package from home!

This week was just been lots of running around and things to do! Still working on finding new people to teach, but we've actually come in contact with a few less-actives who are really progressing and really have the desire to come back to church! We've never really had much success working with less actives here, but one day we felt to ask the bishop to think about some people we could visit. He got back to us a few days later with some names and we went out to visit them and they are great people!

One is a 19 year old named Jomeri and she is the SWEETEST girl EVER! Me and my companion just fell in LOVE with her! She is studying.... well I can't think of the English word BUT its like someone who makes pies and cakes and pastry stuff. But she was also working and so has been inactivate for a year or so. But now she's not working and we're helping her get back into institute and church! She's actually pretty excited!

Another is the the husband of an active member of our ward. He too is inactivate because of his work, but now has strong desires to be with his family more and come to church. So we're SUPER excited to work with their family!

With Alondra we've been working hard with her to help her find the courage to speak to her mom about how she wants to be baptized and FINALLY she did! Buuuut her mom was not to happy about it. But Alondra said that she's not so scared anymore and that she knows the Lord will help soften the heart of her mom and one day soon she'll be able to get baptized! I LOVE her so much!!

The scripture I was think on this week is from Alma 26:12 which says ''Yea, I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast in myself, but I will boast of my God, for in HIS strength I can do all things''! And I just loved thinking over this scripture because it is the KEY, I think, to overcoming fear and doubt. In our lives we will always come up against trials and problems, and it can be so easy to want to shrink away. BUT if we can truly remember that we REALLY CAN do all things the Lord wishes for us to do through HIS POWER alone, it brings a great change within ourselves. A greater ability TO DO. I mean, GOd created EVERYTHING! I'm sure helping a little missionary like me is DEFIANTLY something he can do.

Love you all and have a FANTASTIC week!!
Hermana Stephenson

The sister in our ward who just had her baby girl! SOOO CUTE!

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