Monday, January 4, 2016


Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!! Things here REALLY kicked off 'new' with a new area, companion and responsibilities. It is so amazing to see how things all work out just perfectly! My new area is a TIIIINY fishing town named Salaverry and it is RIGHT by the ocean! It's so AWESOME! It's super peaceful and quiet and I just love it. It's so cool because at the end of the week, all the fishermen bring up their nets and spend Saturday and Sunday repairing and restringing them. And so everyone is out in the streets helping.

My comapanion is Hermana Lindblom from Arizona and she's AWESOME! We spend half the day laughing and having a great time. She's also got the sweetest testimony and I just love teaching with her.

As far as New Years, it was pretty cool. LOTS of fireworks and burning dolls. Yep. Here the tradition is that everyone makes a big scarecrow and at midnight they all burn them! Something about sending away all the bad luck from the year before and bringing in the good. AND the day after, the Catholics had a huge parade-like-thing for a virgin saint and all day and all night a bunch of people were all dressed up like diablos and dancing! Kind of strange, but cool to see the dances they did with a bunch of drums and percussion!

And the other coolest part of being here is that we've got about three complete families who are interested in listening to our message! I haven't quite met them all yet, but I'm sooooo excited to help them learn and one day make it to the temple! Also we've got 2 families of less-actives who are progressing and getting ready to go to the temple! One is Luis and his family and Alejando and his. They are both fishermen who work on the same boat and they have decided to make a huge change and work together to get their families to the temple! This area has so much potential and I can't wait to see the miracles the Lord can work here!

Love you all so much and I love this work and helping others gain joy and peace eternal!
Hermana Stephenson

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