Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What a Christmas!


I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Christmas! I can say that this Christmas is going to be one that I will NEVER forget! Full of a wonderful spirit and lessons about Christ that really touched me.

But first--our nice Christmas lunch the 24th with a wonderful family in our ward where we ate CUY! Or in other words, GUINEA PIG!! They're like really fat hampsters! Yep, I ATE them. For Christmas! It actually was super good. Tasted like really tender chicken :) My poor companion on the other hand couldn't get over it and couldn't eat any! But we had a wonderful afternoon with the family with lots of laughs!!

Christmas night we got to watch all the AMAZING fireworks that go off and it was so beautiful to see the whole night sky just lit up with lights! Seriously like EVERY house lights off fireworks....and there are a whole lot of houses here! 

Also we got to see a little miracle in our area! We found this lady, named Julie, who is good friends with a member in our ward and that member passed us her reference. So we went and she is a single mom with three daughters and they are super open and willing to listen! It was quite the Christmas miracle! 

Overall, this week I have really been thinking about the blessing it really is to have a Savior. Someone who came and did EVERYTHING for us so that we can go home to live with our Father in Heaven. He taught us, showed us the way, and atoned for us too. ALL we have to do is follow! I loved studying Moroni 7:33 which teaches us if we turn to Him, trust him, and SERVE him with all your soul, then we will be delivered! Delivered from heartache, pain, disappointment, whatever it is. And I know that's true!

As it turns out, today is "Transfer Day" and I'm headed out of Chimbote and off to Trujillo--and as a Sister Leader! It's going to be one crazy ride!

Love you all!!
Hermana Stephenson

THE CUY!!! This picture was taken when we stopped by the day before :)


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