Monday, February 22, 2016

Week of Miracles!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

We were able to have a WONDERFUL week this week finding families to TEACH!!!! We've been praying so hard to be able to find people who are really searching for the truth and who will listen and follow the spirit. The other day the Elders gave us a reference from one of their less-actives. We decided, one day, to stop by. It's a humble little home and there lives Martina and her 4 kids! They let us in and we taught a bit about prayer and they all loved it. Later we taught about the Restoration using the gospel art book and they were just glued to it! Martina can't read, she grew up in the mountains where they hardly learn to read or write, and is a little slow to pick up on things. But her daughter Angela is 13 and is just a firecracker! I love her! She promised to help her mom and read to her and her siblings. It just struck me how amazing the youth can be. I mean Joseph Smith was only 14 when he had his question and saw God!

The other family was a reference of an active member. His cousin and her family had been passing through some experiences that made them READY and prepared to hear the gospel! The mom's name is Cynthia and she's got 3 kids. Her husband works in the mines in Chile and comes home for a few days every few months. But we taught them Saturday and the kids were so excited they came to church on their own on Sunday (Cynthia has to work)! We stopped by to bring them with us and Cynthia was like 'yeah, they already left!' It was so funny!

So overall a wonderful week. Besides the fact that our pensionista feed us chicken stomach the other day...... EEEEEEEWWW!!!! I can eat just about anything, but that was a bit much!

Just to end, I'd like to share a video that caught my eye this morning that I just LOOOOOVE! It's theme is one of my favorite scriptures in 3 Nefi 27:27.

Love you all and have a GREAT WEEK!!!! 
Hermana Stephenson
Sometimes you just gotta keep yourself entertained...........

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