Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What a week!

One part of my area

Hope that everyone is doin' alright! Things here in Salaverry are pretty chill (ha, punny....)! Funny story real fast, yesterday after church we walked out of the chapel and there were a BUNCH of people standing outside in what looked like a giant line. Turns out there was a HUGE cruise ship that had come into the port and was letting people go though and see it. Apparently it was like the top cruise ship from the states. I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture!! It was crazy big and sooooo pretty :)

But other than that we really had a quiet week here! Got to go on....... intercambios? I'm not sure what that is in English!!! Like a change for a day with the sisters in Truijillo and it was super fun! But being in the city I almost DIED from the heat! But it was a great experience to see all the good that the sisters are doing in their area and to see their testimonies grow and grow!

We stopped buy Angels house a few times this week but couldn't ever come in contact with his family. But I just know there is a family that is waiting for us!  BUT AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!! Remember Jheremy? The kid who was scared of water and his parents were less actives in Chimbote?! Well HE GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday!!!!! And his whole family is coming to church strong!!! I couldn't go, but I got permission to call and talk to them and It was soooooo amazing. Lifted my spirits so much to know that he has started on the path to the celestial kingdom!

Well, just to finishI 'd like to share a cool scrpture. It's in Alma 13:28-29. Two things really stuck out to me: the first is when it talks about being LED BY THE SPIRIT. All the blessings promised in the first verse (humble, meek, patient, full of love) all come when we listen to the SPIRIT. It just made me realize just how important it is that we do all we can to keep the spirit with us at ALL times! Then the second part is about 'having the love of god always in your hearts'. We went  through some tough experiences this week that could make a person pretty bitter towards another. But The Atonment is REAL. And the love of God can be with us to wipe away pains and heartaches that maybe others have given us. It may be hard at first, but it's a MUCH better way to live!

But I love you all sooooo much!!!
Hermana Stephenson
Teaching the other sisters how to braid on P-Day

Making tacos on P-Day!

Me, my companion, and Heleman--He's so ADORABLE! 

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