Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fall around the corner!


Well we had a pretty nice week here in ol' Salaverry! Turns out that the weather (I think, and pray) is changing to be a tad bit cooler!! WOT! We can actually sleep all night without waking up because it is SO HOT in our room! Little blessings :) 
Some adventures from this week included a companion who was terrible sick with the stomack flu Thursday and I got to be the mom to take care of her. Poor thing. But after sleeping all day, we were good to go by Friday! Everyone was super impressed. And we even had some FANTASTIC lessons with our investigators Friday. 

Speaking of investigators, Cynthia and her family are really progressing! Her husband Luis has started praying with this family and his teenage daughters always come to the activities and have started coming to seminary too. We're working on them coming to church because they have a restaurant and its open Domingos.(not from mom: Domingo means Sunday in Spanish). BUT they are so ready and we feel like they'll accept. Other than that it's been a bit hard to find our other investigators. Lucho and Alejandro are still out fishing but should be in this week! Fingers crossed.

In my studies this week I was reading the Liahona from February and there was this article about how the Book of Mormon can teach us how we can be happy. There are so many times when life just feels like it is crashing down, or like we're trying our best, but nothing is changing. I loved how in the article it highlighted 2 Nephi 5 and a few pointers on how to be truly happy. The two that stuck out to me is HARD WORK and FOCUSING ON THE TEMPLE. And the scripture in D&C 58:2-4. Pushing through the trials with faith, doing what you can and knowing that the Savior is always there to lift us when we need it the most.

Love you all!
Hermana Stephenson

PS  We haven't had light for a few days and it just came back last night.  I love it when the fan works..... we were DYING! 

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