Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun in the Sun!

Hello everyone! 
Espero que todo esta bien! Another week has come and gone here in Salaverry and the work of the Lord is movin' along! Cynthia and her family are doing well. Her husband is here for about a month before he goes back to work in Chile! So we're excited to work with him.

We also found a young single mother, Maria, who is super interested in listening to us! She lives with her brothers and runs a shop on the outside of her house and we're super excited for her and her family too.

This week I found a scripture that I LOVED! It's in Moroni 7:21 and says:

 22 For behold, God knowing all things, being from everlasting to everlasting, behold, he sent angels to minister unto the children of men, to make manifest concerning the coming of Christ; and in Christ there should come every good thing.

I love how it talks about how our Heavenly Father knows all! Something that I'm learning is that things don't always go as we want or hope them to go. Week after week of praying and teaching people about how important it is to come to church, but week after week, not many people make the choice and the sacrifice to come can be a bit difficult sometimes. But in the end, God loves us so much that he puts us through situations and trials so that we learn more fully and gain a powerful testimony of His Son. Because through Christ comes 'every good thing' !! I know that every good thing in my life comes through Christ and the love he has for me!  I can have full faith that he'll look after me and take care of me and prepare me! 

Love you all and have a great week!
Hermana Stephenson

Pics: We went and climbed the big mountain that surrounds our area and it was awesome! and maybe a bit sandy! 

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