Monday, April 18, 2016

Winter is coming!

Hey everyone!!

Well, it looks like the weather is FINALLY taking a turn for the better! There is a nice cold breeze that blows pretty much all day!! And the nights are nice and cool! LOVING IT! 

But a quick update for this week: The Aavache Family accepted to be baptized!!! WOOOT! It was such a wonderful lesson. The bishop was able to be there to invite them to pray and ask God if the church was true Luis, Cynthia, Lisani, and Jasari all accepted! Now to tackle the fact that they aren't married. So to be continued! 

Mercedes is coming along too! We've been teaching her and Johan and they are reading and praying together! They didn't come to church because there was a HUGE party outside their house and they couldn't sleep ALL NIGHT! Gotta love Peruvian parties!

And just real fast because I don't have much time! I've been studying about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. How they really showed their conversion throught their acts! Like burring their weapons of war and refusing to take them up again. I LOVE in Alma 27:27 when it describes how they were perfectly honest and valiant in ALL THINGS! And that those qualities were just passed right on to there sons, The 2,000 strippling warriors. It made me think that I want to be an example like them to my investigators, and everyone around me!

I'll send picts next week!
Hermana Stephenson

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