Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Temple Trip!!!


I hope that all is well where ever all you may be! This week in Salaverry was a QUICK one and FULL of so many great experiences!

First, we found a new less-active to teach! Her name is Mercedes. She and her little 6 year old girl are living with a non-member . She said that she has always wanted to come back to church but was just a bit shy. We passed her on the street and felt like talking to her and BAM! She's reading the Book of Mormon and is so excited to share the gospel with Jhoan, the guy she's living with. Her little girl Michel is SO FUNNY. When we taught her how to pray, she INSISTED on saying ever single prayer! It was great.

Also when I went to concilio (the big meeting with the zone leaders and president) we got to go to the TEMPLE!! My first time in like 4 or 5 months! It was truly HEAVENLY. It was JUST the pick-me-up that I needed! I absolutely love the temple! I know that ALL the blessings that were spoken of in general conference are TRUE! I was able to feel the Spirit and receive the guidance and strength that I really needed :)

And now for some funny stories. After concilio, I went and picked up my companion. Apparently someone had given her a LIVE CUY (they're Peruvian guinne pigs aaaaaand they eat them here!). So we went back to our area and went to the house of a member where we killed, cleaned, fried and ATE IT!! BWAHAHA!! I just had a bit but Hna. Caldas just LOOOVED it! It was one of those 'Only in Peru' moments!!!!! It was SO FUNNY. 

But to finish, I saw a scripture that I LOVED. It's in Alma 57:21 And it says ''And they did obey and observe to perform every word and command with exactness: yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them''. I love the example of the 2000 stripling warriors. It was a great reminder to me to strive to be exactly obedient to the laws of God, to my leaders and to the Lord. And I know when I do, I can see MIRACLES!!

Love you all and have a GREAT day!
Hermana Stephenson

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