Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week of Work!


Hope everything is going good all over the world! We had a bit of a slower week this week, but had a few funny experiences :) But first a quick update!

Cynthia and her family are coming along bit by bit. Her daughters go to school in the afternoon and get home at about 8 pm, so its been a bit hard to get in to teach them. We've started slipping little notes under their door with a scripture and a question so that they keep remembering to pray and study the scriptures! Hermano Luis should be getting back in about a week or so, so we're super excited.

Johan couldn't make it to church this week because he needed to work. His family is passing through some hard times and he needs to work. But we keep praying for him and I know that the Spirit will touch his heart and tell him that the real blessings in his life will come through the gospel. But Mercedes and Michell got up (by themselves) and were at church early! 

But funny (and cool) experience this week! We were out walking down the street when we saw some boys out playing with their 'trompos' (they are like big tops that you spin with string). We stopped and talked to them and I got to show my sweet trompo skills (they were quite impressed). We asked them if they lived close and one of the boys, Luis, showed us his house. We asked to meet his parents so he ran in and got them! We ended up teaching the family and the boys! It was so cute. THEN here comes Sunday and we are sitting in the chapel singing the opening hymn and Luis and his friend Jorge walk in by themselves! They are like 10 and 6 years old. We were so astonished! But they wanted so much to be there! Then they went to primary, and after church their grandpa was waiting outside to pick them up. It was a cool experience to see how these boys want to know so much about the Lord and how kids really can teach us so much :)

Well don't have anymore time and gotta go, but love you all soooo much! Real fast, a cool scripture I found is in Alma 32:40-43. I love how it speaks about the patience and faith and dilligence needed to grow our 'tree of faith' as Alma explains it in chapter 32. And the amazing blessings that await us when we persist in keeping ALL the commandments of God!

Finally a shout out to my BROTHER who is heading out to serve in SPAIN!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO DUDE!

Buckets of love,
Hermana Stephenson

Funny story about the pictures. We were all up on these rocks taking pictures when suddenly A HUGE WAVE came and soaked us ALL!!!! It was quite funny!

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