Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well and that everyone had a GREAT Mother's day!! It was so awesome to see my family and hear their voices again! 

This week was a bit slow, but we still saw a few miracles! Mainly we were able to find a few recent converts that have gone inactive and we haven't been able to find for MONTHS. One is a teenage girl named Olenka. She was baptized but then her mom refused to let her go to church or any activity. But we felt like passing by her home one day this week with a lady in our ward and they let us IN! We were able to teach Olenka about the plan of salvation (her mom escaped into the back room and wouldn't come out) and there was a wonderful spirit in the lesson. We were so happy!! 

Also Alejandro and Lucho, the two pescadores that were recently reactivated, were here ALL WEEK. The motor on their boat broke so the were stuck here while they fixed it. Bwahahaa!!! I mean..... YES! So we were able to get in and read the Book of Mormon and make sure they are on their way to the temple to be sealed with their families here soon! Had a fun family home evening too.

Also, remember those two kids who showed up to church last week? Well, they BOTH came again this week! Luis and Jorge. They are so cute and love going to Primary. We stopped by their houses and their parents work pretty much ALL DAY LONG and their grandma takes care of them. But we keep praying for them that perhaps somehow they will all be able to hear our message!

Thats pretty much it! The aunt of Hermana Cynthia was diagnosed with cancer and she has been SUPER taking care of her. We keep stopping in to see her and  read the Book of Mormon with her family and little by little they are building their testimonies too!

Also, I've got transfers!!! I'm headed back to Chimbote! Land of fish!! I'm super excited, but at the same time kind of sad. I absolutely LOVE my area here in Salaverry and my amazing companion Hermana Caldas. I have learned so much and will always treasure this place! 

Just a quick scripture to end. I've been reading in Alma and found a wonderful scripture in Alma 34:38-41. It speaks about how we should always give thanks for all that comes our way, be full of prayer and endure with patience. It's a great pattern to follow when passing through trials and difficulties. Look for the small miracles that happen EVERY DAY, be grateful, pray always, then develop patience to recieve all the blessings the Lord wishes to give us!  I know that it works because it has heplped me through many hard times! 

Love you all and have a wonderful day!!
Hermana Stephenson
Me and Hermana Pali with PEANUT BUTTER from home. It's like gold here...Thanks mom!

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