Monday, June 13, 2016

And the story continues!

Hello everyone!
I hope that all is well and things are going great for you! 
This week was a lot slower than last week, but we were able to visit Rosa Huaman and her little boy with Down Syndrome, John! We went and taught about prophets and the importance of following the prophets. Because Hna. Rosa is from the mountain reigons, she doesn't have too much of an education. BUT a huge blessing is that she can READ!! We were so happy when we were singing hymns (John, LOVES singing!) and she was following along and reading the lyrics! But we still have to go pretty slowly for her to understand. A girl in our ward got baptized on Saturday and we invited Rosa and she said yes! We got to go and have a great time at the church and she got to meet some of the members of our ward. The difficulty Rosa has is that she works in the market on Sunday mornings right when we have church. We are hoping that because she was able to come the chapel and feel the spirit, that it will be easier for her to make the decision to stop working on Sundays. 
Other than that, just a lot of walking and working! We are trying to work with the ward a bit more to find some good less-actives who are ready to come back to church!
To finish, I was reading the confrence talk by Elder Oaks this week entitled 'opposition in all things'. I loved a part where he says ''The Lord [won't] make it EASY, but he will make it POSSIBLE''. We need to have hard things in our lives to be able to grow and to refine us into the kind of people that can live with Heavenly Father and Christ forever! Its not fun a lot of the times, but I've found that if I can see the eternal purposes of the hard  things I go through, it makes it a tad bit easier :) Like it says in D&C 122: 7
...know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.

Keep truckin' along! Love you all!
Hermana Stephenson
I don't know if I sent this picture, but we played futbol like ALL DAY  2 weeks ago for pday! AND I made a SWEET header goal!!!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!! I'm getting a lot better :)

JOHN!!!!!! the little squirt. :) Hes's so adorable

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