Thursday, June 9, 2016

Craaazy Week!

Hellooooooooooooooo todos!

Another crazy week here in Chimbote! We had like a MILLION references from members this week and are working like CRAZY to contact and meet all of them! We are really trying to fill up our teaching pool again, because the investigators and less-actives we were teaching just haven't been progressing like they need too. So we are going to leave them for now and come back in a while to check up on them. Its always pretty sad to stop teaching people, because you really come to love and care for them. But we can't ever force people to progress and have blessings if they don't want them :( 
So we're in a phase where we are just visiting a bunch of new people. 

One family we found is the Huaman family. Rosa is the mom, Richard is 19 and John is 7. John has DOWN SYNDROME AND IS THE CUTEST KID EVER!!!!!!!! He is literaly JUST like Luke, no joke. Just that he speaks Spanish and is a whole lot skinnier :) He sat down and even ran into the back room to drag his older brother out to come and listen! And he LOOVES singing hymns. It was just the most amazing lesson. We got to teach them about prayer and they are SUPER excited to go to church (THANK GOODNESS. We have a hard time getting people to come to church here.....) and ready to learn. Please keep them in your prayers!!

Also a cool experience: the other day I prayed in the morning to just be able to find and help someone. Maybe bring a smile to someone's face or lift them up a bit. But as we went though the day we really couldn't find ANYONE! Then we decided to go stop by a less-active named Flor. She lives out in the fields in this little hut. Not even a house really, just  a hut made of woven plant leaves or something. We shout for her (cuse there really isn't a door) and she comes out and looks super worried. Apparently her oldest son had had a high fever for about a day and her husband had been out working so she couldn't take him to the hospital because she couldn't leave her other small kids alone. She invited us in and her 13 year old is just laying on the bed. In Peru people don't know how to lower a fever or anything without medication. Its really sad how messed up and whaked up medicine is here. So I began to put wet cloths on his head and neck and torso to help cool him down, then kept changing them every once and a while to keep them cool. We were there for a while, but eventually, his fever began to come down! I told her to keep doing it and she thanked us and was so happy that Heavenly Father had sent us to help her. And it was so cool how my prayer was able to be answered! Its true, that if we are willing, the Lord will make us instruments in his hands! 

Love you all and enjoy the pictures from the temple (AGAIN!). We went as a zone today! That's why I didn't write :) 

Hermana Stephenson

Look what I found--Crossfit Pervian style!!!

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