Monday, June 29, 2015

Off we go to Trujillo!

Me y Hermana Gomez

Here we are again! 

Well this week has been a BUSY ONE! I think we had about 3 or 4 days total working in our area! With this mission split an everything, things have been quite the mess :)

We had a big farewell and interviews with Presidente Archibald in Huaraz and it was a day full of good byes!  T_T But Presidente said that as hard as it is to let us go, he´s so excited for us to be pioneering this new mission, And that this new mission president is going to need our help! And I´ve really felt the spirit this week testifying to me that this is where I need to be. When we were coming back to our area a few days later from district meeting, I was just looking out at the BEAUTIFUL mountains and farms and all the people in their colorful clothes working in the fields and I just felt this over whelming love for these people here. And a calm peace just filled me. And no matter how strange or different this new mission is going to be, I know that I'm Right where I need to be!
Me and my compies at the farewell lunch

Farewell lunch with Presidente Archibald
We were hiking a mountain to this village and I stopped to take a picture of the city of Caraz!

Alright time for a funny story. So we were in this convi (that's what they call these 14 passenger buses that take everyone everywhere) heading to district meeting in Carhuaz (about an hour away) when the convi stopped to pick this guy up. As the driver opened the door, the guy threw two giant bags full of LIVE CHICKENS in the back! And me and my two companions were sitting in the last seats! When he couldn't fit a third bag in the back,  he shoved one bag under our seats!!! And the whole time these chickens were all squaking and mocing about. My companion Hermana Gutierrez nearly DIED. Then the convi started moving again and suddenly I felt a chicken pecking at my leg! Yeah, I nearly screamed, but I held it in :) It was SO FUNNY! I love Peru.
A FARM!! (or chacra en espanol)

Speaking of my companions, I in a TRIO! First is Hermana Gomez. She's from Utah, but her parents are from Guatemala´. She speaks perfect Spanish and looks totally latina! So when she tells people that she's from the States they don't believe her! She has 16 months in her mission and only has one more Cambio left. Next is Hermana Gutierrez! She's from Equador and is AWESOME! She has 15 months and is an AMAZING teacher :) Love 'em both! It was strange being in a trio at first but we've really worked things out. The only problem is that our room isn't big enough for THREE! But its funny, we're all crammed in there :)

Well that's about it! This week one of us three is going to Trujillo to unite with a trio from Truillo North mission this week, but we don't know who! The Zone Leaders are headed to Trujillo on Friday to meet with the new mission presidente! AHGHGGGGH!!! Crazy!

Love you all! CHO!
Hermana Stephenson
Me in front of our window

The view from our window in the morning

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