Monday, July 6, 2015

What a Week!!!!

Hoooooola todos! Como estan?
This week was CRAZY! Way good :) The work here in Caraz is really starting to pick up. Because we opened this area, we've just been searching and searching (and getting lost) and searching for people to teach! And finally this week, our area is pretty solid :) Fist we have 3 people who have accepted to be baptized! First is Milagros who's 14 and is the niece of our pensionista. Her parents live in Lima right now working and she lives alone up WAAAAAAY in the mountains in this little village. It's quite the trek actually. :) But she's the greatest and has come to church for the last 2 weeks for all three hours. The only problem is that she lives so far away and sometimes it's hard for us to get to her! But the Lord knows that and is teaching her too as she reads and prays. :)

The other is the niece of our pensionista's husband :) (they're the greatest for references!) Her name's Yessica and she was actually at their house one night when we stopped by for a bathroom break :D And she was there with her fiance. So we ended up teaching them both! It was crazy because we had been searching ALL DAY for people to teach and hadn't had any luck, but we walked in and they were both sitting there!! Miracles really do happen! But anyway, her fiance lives in Yungay which is a city about 30 min. away BUT is still part of our ward! So we're teaching her and the Elders in Yungay are teaching her boyfriend, Fidel. They also both came to church yesterday :)

Last is Celeste. She is the friend of a member who wanted us to teach her. She's 23 and goes to school at the little university here. She's THE BEST and really wants to learn more. AAAAND she came to church too! Seriously its the greatest when investigators come to church. Its like Christmas!

Okay ready for a funny story? Alright. So because we are changing missions here, we've had NO MONEY FOR 2 WEEKS! We traveled all the way to Huaraz last week only to find that there wasn't any money in our accounts! And so it was only inevitable that we would run out of toilet paper. And sure enough we did! With three of us living in the same room, we go through the stuff pretty fast :) So we were walking down the street on Wednesday I think, and I looked down and saw 50 centimos (cents) en la calle! I was so happy. We were all laughing because it was pretty much all we had! THEN a few hours later, Hermana Gomez found UN SOLE! We were rich! (Thats like 70 cents mas o menos btw) Okay, not really, but still. And so we were walking home that same night when we rememberd that we didn't have any toilet paper. BUT then I remembered that we had $1.20! Which is the EXACT amount for two roles of toilet paper that the little tiendas sell here!! SO WE COULD BUY TOILET PAPER! The Lord really does provide for His missionaries. Of that I have NO doubt! Its the little things that matter :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I had the greatest birthday EVER! Our penstionista made a HUGE lunch of Peruvian TACOS and it was AMAZING! All the Elders of our ward, the Bishop and a bunch of families came :) I could feel the love of all you at home through them!
Love you all so much!!! I LOVE being a missionary and being here teaching these beautiful people of Peru! The Lord is very aware of us and knows what we can do! The church is true!

Hermana Stephenson

PS. Our new President, Presidente Rios is coming THIS WEEK! We're headed to Huaraz on Friday for a big training and Sunday night, we'll know who has transfers!!! CRAZY!

PSS. So we traveled to Huaraz on Saturday (the Fourth of July) and the whole way there, the convi (bus) played classic 80's music from the States! It was the best! GO AMERICA! And PERU!!!

Here are some pictures. I have more but this computer is SO SLOW AND WON'T LOAD ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Two elders in my district. CLASSIC. The one has the baby and the mom is chasing the other!!! We all about DIED!!!!!

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