Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunshine for DAYS


YESH! This was quite the week of things to do! Lots of running around and people to see and visit. There are two ladies in our ward who just had babies, so we went over to help them wash clothes and hang their clothes and stuff to help them out a bit. It was SO much fun! I love service. AND newborn babies are SO CUTE!!!!

But other than that we really had a chill week! Jheremy's getting baptized this week and we're so excited for him! He just hasn't been able to get over his fear of water to get baptized. He wants to so bad (he's 9) but he's just terrified! So we had some really cool lessons with him these last few weeks and he's ready to try this weekend! His family is all going to go to the pool to practice this week. He's nervous, but excited. We're praying a bunch for him!

Also, something SWEET--we had a huge dance festival for the stake this week! Every ward prepared a traditional Peruvian dance and performed! BUT it ended up starting at 9 and we had to leave!!!! We were SOOO disappointed! It's all the ward has talked about for 2 months! But a kind member recorded it for me. Also we have a big WARD TALENT SHOW this week! It's going to be SO much fun. Me and my companion, ward mission leader and ward missionaries have a SWEET skit planned out and its gonna AWESOME.

For my PONDERIZE scripture this last week I chose Enos 1:3,12 that speaks about prayer. I love how it starts out as 'And my soul hungered'. It's quite the interesting phrase. I remember during seminary my freshman year, someone came and sang a beautiful song about this phrase. And as I pondered over it this week, it kind of reminded me of the feeling of homsickness. That feeling of longing we all have sometimes, but in this case it's a longing to know and REMEMBER more about our heavenly home and Father in Heaven. When I dilligently seek the scriptures and pray honestly and openly, I have found that I yearn to want to learn and understand more. And that helps me grow personaly AND help others to come to the same knowledge I have gained!

Love being here and ALWAYS am learning SO MUCH!
Love you ALL!
Hermana Stephenson
The line up of all the wards in their costumes! My ward is the far left with the baskets :)

Mi zona!

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