Monday, October 12, 2015

Week of Miracles!

HOLA TODOS!! Hope everyone had a great week!
Me and my little hijita, Hermana Hielo
While things are probably cooling off up there, down here summer is JUST STARTING and it's SO HOT! Seriously I think I'm gonna melt! But it's cool because I'll get a sweet tan I'm sure! :)

Anyway this was QUITE the amazing week here! Mainly is that my little hijita had her first week! Her name is Hermana Hielo (or Hermana Ice!) and she's from Arizona, the States! But her parents are from Mexico so she grew up speaking and hearing Spanish, so she speaks pretty great! She's pretty much the coolest (pun not intended!) The ward loves her and she has the greatest spirit about her. And because of that we are seeing so many miracles in our area!

First off Alondra, who we've kinda been fighting with her mom to let her get baptized is starting to open up more! Alondra has two younger siblings that she always takes to church and the Primary is having their program this next week. Her siblings really want to sing in it and the Primary was practicing yesterday and her mom LET THEM GO PRACTICE! It was so amazing. And Alondra says that her mom told them that she would come to church next week to watch them! AHHH!! I about had a heart attack and died of happiness...... :)

Also we found a couple to teach! They're names are Diana and Juan Julio and they are the GREATEST! They're MARRIED and she's 6 months pregnant! They are super interested and want to know more. Can't wait to see what happens with them!

Loving it! And this last week my scritpure that I PONDERIZED was in Alma 32: 36-37  that talks about how we should put to one side our faith once we've gained a testimony. But that we need to nurture it DAILY with GREAT CARE so that nothing can destroy it. Loved it. And LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Hermana Stephenson

Stake "Beach Clean-up" Activity--So much fun!!

Lovin' the ocean and all the boats

The Chimbote area "Sisters"

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