Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas is coming!


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Sorry I didn't email yesterday. We had our big Christmas devotional with President Rios and all the zones here in Chimbote and it was AWESOME! Super fun to see old friends and have a great time. Also a great spiritual experience. Presidente talked about how Christ is the light of the world and how the symbol of his birth is LIGHT! And how as missionaries and members of HIS true church, we have the oportunity, the responsibility, to bring that light to all his children who are in darkness! It just really helped lift my spirits after this last week which was a bit difficult to find anyone to teach. But I know the message I bring is true and will bring light and hope into any heart that is willing and ready to listen! So I'll never give up that there is someone here that is ready and just looking for that light!

But the family we met last week, Pamela and her kids, are doing really well! They are super interested and willing to learn how to have more hope and love in their home and we're super excited to be helping them! 

ALSO last week we went to these SWEET ruins. I'll include a BUNCH of pictures!
Love you all, but got to go! But real fast, I've been really thinking about this scripture in Mosiah 7:33. I love how it gives us the path to be freed from the burdens and weight that we all carry from time to time: and that turning to the Lord with ALL your heart and serving him with ALL your soul. I know that if we serve WITHOUT DOUBT that the Lord will bless us and help us carry our burdens and we will be able to laugh and smile and feel hope, even if things are hard!

Hove you all!
Hermana Stephenson

My crazy district.....
And a bunch of the missionaries who were in lima west that all came over to Trujillo Sur!

Us with JHEREMY and some kids from the ward! He's the one on the far right, next to me!

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