Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Temple Trip!!!

Hooooola TODOS!!! 

I hope that you all had a great week! With school finishing up and all that is happening, keep up the good work! Here in good ole' Chimbote the work of the Lord keeps going forward! Its amazing to see His hand in so many things and how He gently reminds us that HE is in charge and not us. :) 

In terms of investigators progressing, we've been kind of struggling. The Vulnes family really have great intentions to know the truth, but it is so hard for them to sacrifice to keep the sabbath day holy (mainly COME TO CHURCH!!!) Hno. Johnny works in a taxi and believes that he HAS to work on sunday, even though we have explained so many times the blessings the Lord is willing to give him if he comes to church for 3 hours. THe less-active family we are teaching, Jesus and Maria, have the same problem. Its been a bit frustrating, but learning to have patience and going forward with faith, even when things don't go 'our way' has been a big lesson for me this week!

However, the Lord always sees ALL our efforts and will ALWAYS bless us for them. Sometimes we might not see them right away, but then there are those little miracles that pop up out of nowhere that show us just how much our Heavenly Father loves us. One of those little miracles was that we were able to go to the TEMPLE with our ward this week!! We didn't think we could go because we need to have a recent-convert or someone who just was reactivated in the church to go, and NOBODY could come. So we were super bummed.  I was on an exchange one day this week and when I got back my companion was super excited because a sister who has recently reactivated said that she didn't have to work and that she could go to the temple with us!!! We were SO HAPPY! We were able to go with Hermana Gloria and the whole ward! We went in this huge bus (its 2 1/2 hours to Trujillo) and were able to spend the WHOLE day in the temple! We did baptisms with Hermana Gloria and there was that sweet spirit that is always in the temple that I just love! Then as we were leaving, we saw PAPA JUAN!!!! The husband of my pensionista in CARAZ!!! (he's the one with the green van) as well as a BUNCH of the members from Caraz!! There were 3 young adults getting their endowments out to go on their missions, so they all took a trip. We got to go and eat lunch and everything with them!!! It was such a tender mercy! My companion Hermana Landazuri, also saw a bunch of people from her old wards there too. SO AMAZING.

So I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know that the Lord is watching and sees ALL our works and the blessings will always come!

Hermana Stephenson

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